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Nonprofit Fundraising Registration
State Registration Essentials

October 2011
Approximately 63 minutes

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Marc LeeOnly Available Through Affinity Seminars
Led by:
Marc Lee, CFRE, President

Thousands and thousands of nonprofits have registered to solicit funds.

Do the registration requirements extend to your organization?

Get FREE information not found in any book or web-site.

This special webinar will look at the essentials of fundraising registration as well as going beyond the basics.

We'll answer the question, Should your organization register nationwide if you have a Donate button on your website?

Get crucial details you need to raise funds legally in any state.

From this webinar you will:

  1. Know whether you need to get registered and in what states.
  2. Learn how to get started and what it will take.
  3. Discover where you may be subject to fines and penalties.
  4. Find out if your Donate button is worth having.
  5. Learn how to explain registration requirements to your board.

Who Should Attend:
COOs, CFOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, Controllers, Board Members, Development Directors. Applies to all nonprofit organizations with total annual revenue of $25,000 or more.

About Marc Lee:

Marc Lee, CFRE has worked as an independent fundraising consultant for over 10 years and is the founding President of While in staff positions, Marc personally did the leg work for registering the organization he worked for. He counseled and assisted his first nonprofit with nationwide registration in 2000. Marc works daily with nonprofits of all sizes around their state registration needs. He speaks with state charity officials at least weekly.
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