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11 Myths of Fundraising Registration
Mis-Information Concerning State Registration Requirements for Nonprofit Fundraising Solicitation

February 25, 2010
appx 32 minutes

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Gary Curtis CannonOnly Available Through Affinity Seminars
Led by:
Gary Curtis Cannon, Attorney; and Marc Lee, CFRE

Do you ever wonder what's really required of your organization when it comes to fundraising registration?

This Seminar will build on the basics from last fall's introduction to this topic. Listen to that seminar recording first. Then, learn new details of the changing regulatory landscape.

Nobody likes government regulation. But don't get caught by rules that keep changing.

This seminar will correct much of the misinformation that abounds on this topic and share new details.

The myths the seminar will address include:

  1. The penalties for not registering are toothless.
  2. Only large NPOs need to register.
  3. Internet fundraising is exempt from registration requirements.
  4. Special Events are fundraising and covered by registration.
  5. Colleges and Universities donít have to register.
  6. All religious organizations are exempt.
  7. The Universal Registration Statement covers everything.

Who Should Attend:
Board Presidents, Board Members, Executive Directors, Development Directors. Applies to all nonprofit organizations with total annual fundraising revenue of $25,000 or more.


About Gary Curtis Cannon:

Gary Curtis Cannon is an attorney practicing in the San Diego, California area. He is a veteran of nonprofit legal counsel, advising nonprofits on all issues of compliance with Federal and State reporting requirements, fundraising laws and regulations, including State charity registration laws, and the IRS revised Form 990. Gary is a partner in Affinity Fundraising Registration Services for Nonprofits.
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Marc Lee is an independent fundraising consultant and the founder of Affinity Seminars.
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