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Expertise LevelOrganization SizeBoard Development Is Resource Development
Growing a Better Board To Grow Your Fundraising

Duration: 60-65 minutes, including Q & A

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Kurt AschermannOrganizational Development
Led by Kurt Aschermann

Many nonprofit organizations see their Board as a necessary evil.

Truth is, the best organizations have the best boards,

and those boards raise the most money.

Webinar presenter, Kurt Aschermann, was the architect behind the creation of one of the most effective Boards in the country at Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

If you need a better board, this seminar is for you.

Regardless of your organization's size, Ascherman will describe the steps necessary to guarantee that your board is the best board in town.

-- And, more importantly, the best fund raising board as well!

Taking This Seminar You Will:

  • Explore a successful framework for developing your board
  • Learn how to recruit appropriate board members
  • Discover the things a board member wants from you

Who Should Attend?

  • All sizes of organizations
  • Development Directors
  • CEOs and Other Senior Administrators
  • Board Members

About Kurt Aschermann:

Kurt Aschermann is a popular speaker who has extensive experience as a marketing and resource development professional. He is President and COO of Charity Partners LLC in Boston Massachusetts.  Charity Partners is a new company dedicated to providing innovative fundraising solutions for respected charities throughout the U.S. and the world.  Its first platform is called Tickets for Charity.

Prior to his current position, Aschermann was Senior Vice President of Resource Development and Marketing for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In that position he created systems and programs to stabilize the organization’s fund raising operation while dramatically increasing the overall donor base and diversifying the methods used to raise money.  In 1990 BGCA raised and spent approximately $280 million. In 2002 that number was $1.2 billion.

He is a well-known, dynamic speaker and lecturer on nonprofit/for-profit relations, and board development, and has authored several articles about the changing donor environment and new economic realties of non-profit management.
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What Attendees Said About Kurt's Fall 2006 Affinity Seminar:

"Helped us all get on the same page hearing the information at the same time from a qualified source."

"Information was clear and relevant to the work we do. Just wish he had more time to elaborate on some of the points."

"The most positive aspect was helping us to think like a for profit organization."

"We liked his good, clear examples."